Above:Capo Vaticano, south of Salerno

The legend tells that the origin of Naples is due to the mermaid Parthenope who killed herself in the Gulf of Naples because Ulysses refused her love. Maybe that’s why this city keeps the features of an hybrid. Naples is characterized by the cohabitation of opposites: good and evil, joy and sadness, beauty and decay. This continue struggle between the two spirits of the city is clear at first sight: The awesome historical memories kept in the Naples National Archaeological Museum and in the Royal Palace make a contrast with the worst marks of modernity: chaos and traffic. The religious devotion to San Gennaro lives close the pagan soul of the city, symbolized by the Underneath Naples (Napoli Sotterranea), where ancients forms of worship are still practiced, feed by the superstition of the inhabitants, and Sansevero Chapel (Cappella Sansevero), where the memory of the Prince alchemist is preserved by works like the Veiled Christ. But it’s not over yet. You won’t find only charming glimpse, but also an unique way of life, held up by rules that can be applied only here and nowhere else. There’s a lot to see and to do, it isn’t easy to choose. Naples is a big, free and open theatre even though it isn’t always funny or beautiful.

AmazingPositano, Amalfi coast !!