Travel is my life

Sip a ripe Primitivo in the warmth of the Puglian sun, play a memorable round of golf  on greens nestled amongst ancient olive groves in Tuscany, or swim the sparkling azure seas of Sicily. Taste the delectable bounty from the earth to your table, as you discover the magic of Italian cuisine that can only be described as humbly glorious!

Whatever your pleasure, I would like to invite you and all five of your senses to delight in an authentic immersion into the heart and soul of our beautiful country. Our Italia is not a place that can be appreciated from the back of a tour bus. This is our home. We want you to see her as we do, and as we have throughout the generations. Be our guests for a day, or stay for 3 weeks. While you are with us you are family!  Our mission is to bring great-tasting and healthy food and wine to as many people as possible while giving top consideration to eco-friendly practices....

giovanni fasano, founder and CEO of green italy tours